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What’s the point of drinking in the 21st century?

written by Soul Bay
What’s the point of drinking in the 21st century?

What’s the point of drinking in the 21st century, when
we’ve got absolutely everything we’ve ever wanted?
We’ve got shares in things we already owned
We’ve got poverty stretching right around the globe now
We’ve got the bastard sons and daughters
of the bastard sons and daughters
who used to run everything, running everything
We’ve made huge strides

We’ve got two thousand and ninety-two TV channels
We’ve got Kanye West
We’ve got Asylum seekers and no asylum
We’ve got the prospect of it only getting worse
We’ve got the charmless and the spineless leading us by the hand
We’ve got paedophile priests and corrupt politicians
We’ve got the bloody lot!
We’ve got news, news, 24/7 screws and you lose
We’ve come so far…

We’ve got austerity, hysterical, no history just hostility
We’ve got unresolved anger management issue
We’ve got voodoo under control
We’ve got Baron Samedi under lock and key
We’ve got this, when we really want that
We’ve got Russian tanks on the roll again
We’ve got celebrities
We’ve got hundreds of celebrities
We’ve done so well

We’ve turned right when we could have turned left
We’ve poisoned a million rivers
We’ve emptied a thousand lakes
We’ve forgotten to put the bins out
We’ve taken up with the needle again
We’ve got 50 of the best bangin’ tunes you could ever want
We’ve stretched the spirit of humanity beyond snap point
We’ve got 10 minutes to buy this exclusive never to be repeated offer
We’ve really made it…

We’ve broken the hearts of thirteen consecutive generations
We’ve peddled the same old excuses
We’ve nodded and wisely agreed
We’ve set course for the sun and don’t know why
We’ve stomped on all the spring daffodils
We’ve wasted our lives on convention
We’ve looted the final temple and got a nice set of candlesticks
We’ve given up and conceded defeat
We’ve never been happier…

So, what’s the point of drinking in the 21st century?


A.Franks – Sydney. June 2014

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