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Thirteen is coming

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Thirteen is coming

Soul Bay Press are delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of their first collection of new stories.

‘Thirteen’ is a collection of short stories from the finest of current short story writers. From a runner-up in the Turner Prize, to a Sydney DJ, a tango film-maker to a horror fiction writer, a London psycho-geographer to a Beat Generation scholar, a cricket loving American to a South Coast revolutionary, an Anglo-Moroccan dream chaser to a Polish/Australasian poet, a Northern Soul digging novelist to a hard-bitten tabloid freelancer and last but by no means least England’s finest modern crime fiction author.

13/Thirteen represents Thirteen/13 of the best short story writers in both the northern and southern hemispheres all pulling in the same but equally different direction. Fresh, direct and vibrant – this is Thirteen/13!

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