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Andrew Franks

Andrew Franks

A brief history

Andrew was born in Eastbourne a stone’s throw away from Soul Bay. A parallel working life began in local government & the theatre interspersed with a summer as an English language teacher. Whilst all the time trying to make it as a musician in a variety of Eastbourne bands. Franks has also worked for magazine and newspaper companies around the world.

Sydney’s Northern Beaches is currently home. Where he hosts a weekly radio show ‘London Calling’ on 2rrr and plays guitar in both ‘The Freds‘ & ‘The Butterfly House‘. In addition to performing poetry/spoken word live on a regular basis in both UK & Australia.

Published Works

‘Scratched in the stars, sprawled on the sand’, the first collection of poetry was published by Soul Bay Press in 2009.

Followed by ‘The last of the great British traitors’ in 2011. Franks also contributed ‘Engels’ Ashes’ to the Soul Bay short story compilation ‘Thirteen’ (October 2013).

A third collection of poetry ‘Sunflower Eclipse over Troia Nova’ is due to be published by SBP in November 2018.

Other Writing

The founder of the English Beach Poets Society whose occasional output can be followed at English Beach Poets Society. Franks is also responsible for the surprisingly popular blog The Things I miss about England. As well as being both Publisher and Editor of the defiantly lo-fi monthly poetry publication “the poetry of desire…“.

For all up to date news on the latest gigs, aborted projects and new releases go to Andrew’s website.