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Goose Flesh


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Goose Flesh, the second Slim Gunter novel, is a story of a dead man and his grieving mother. Barnaby “Goose” Chase died in a crummy bedsit, apparently of drink-related injuries. His mother Prudence isn’t convinced by the coroner’s bland verdict and turns to London investigator Slim Gunter. Slim, aided by his live-out girlfriend Lady, academic Barclay Lloyd and big Eddie Scarborough, scours some of the dirtier pavements in London, looking for answers.

 The places to look include grim pubs, park benches and some of the darker passages of the Bible. Slim’s efforts are hampered by an anonymous assailant, an ill-tempered policemen, a go-go dancer and a religious zealot, all of whom have something to hide. As the secrets start to emerge Slim’s own dubious past re-appears, threatening to ruin him for ever.


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