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Marine Boy


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A novel in the tradition of S E Hinton’s The Outsiders and Kem Nunns Tapping the Source. Summer in the sun-washed beachlands of the south coast of England. Sixteen-year-old Kim wants nothing more than to be tough like his wild and fearless brother Scott, the leader of a gang of skinheads fighting for control of the local drug trade. Kim’s tough young girlfriend Dawn is also a skinhead, whose father is the reclusive biker and drug dealer Dug. Kim is captured in a midnight raid on Dug’s seaside hideout. What happens next will change the lives of Kim and Scott forever.

‘Scott told me once, they all tell you to think, the boss or your teachers, but just wait until what you think is different from them. Then you’ll find out they didn’t mean it. We were standing on wet sand just before dark as the tide went out and we couldn’t hear the hum of the town for the rushing sound of the sea. What I’m looking for is out there, he said, nodding his head toward the darkening water. Me too, I said.’

‘Howard Cunnell’s prose is so infused with aqua light that it dazzles like a photon parcel. I was blown away by Marine Boy with its meticulous observation of clothes details, beach colours, gang warfare and a lyricism that pilots the book into a dissolve with skinhead reality.’ Jeremy Reed


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