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Society of the Spectacle (New edition)


with a new introduction by Martin Jenkins

“One should bear in mind when reading this book that it was written with the deliberate intention of doing harm to spectacular society.” – Guy Debord

With the global economy undergoing its most severe crisis since the Great Depression Soul Bay Press is pleased to be able to make available again Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle – a seminal work for understanding the dead hand of political economy… and fighting against it.

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Originally published in France in 1967 The Society of the Spectacle is a brilliantly lucid analysis of the forms of social control and domination under modern capitalism. Since its publication it has had an enormous underground influence both on active revolutionaries and on radical cultural and political theory.

Prescient in its condemnation of the image as the tool used by Capital to alienate us from the relity of our everyday lives, The Society of the Spectacle is more relevant than ever in the era of virtual and information technologies.

The new introduction by Martin Jenkins extends the analysis of The Society of the Spectacle to the current situation and underlines the continuing vitality of this work to all who would contest the domination of our lives by an economy clearly out of control.

Soul Bay Press published their first version of ‘Society of the Spectacle’ in 2010. This latest publication contains an updated version of Martin Jenkins’ vigorous and perceptive introduction, which highlights the criticality of Debord’s text in the light of the global financial crisis and the imminent demise (if ever you wanted an example of wishful thinking, here it is) of international capitalism plus the Arab Spring, OCCUPY & beyond!


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